Speaking Poker Part 2

Speaking Poker Part 2

When you start playing Caribbean Hold’em, or any other poker game, you will hear some weird and wonderful phrases that may make you feel like you just stepped into an alternate universe. We already learnt some of the terms used in Caribbean Hold’em in part one, but now I want to expand on that knowledge giving you a more comprehensive understanding of some of the terms you’ll hear specifically relating to betting.

All In: When you put in all of the chips you have you are going All In.
Bankroll: The amount of money that a player has to play with.
Bet the Pot: To make a bet being that is equal to the value of the pot.
Buy The Pot: If someone makes such a large bet that all the other players fold, this is called Buying the Pot. In this event, the winner does not have to show his cards.
Call: Equaling the previous bet.
Check: If no one has bet yet you can call Check, this keeps you in the game without a bet.
Check Raise: If in one round of betting you checked and someone after you raised, and then you raise it again this is called a Check Raise.
Early Position: The first person who acts in a betting round has the Early Position.
Family Pot: When all players call before the flop.
Fast Play: Means that someone is playing assertively.
Full Boat: Nickname for a full house.
Heads Up: When there are just two players left playing.
Hole Cards: The two cards in your hand.
Kicker: When two players have the same hands the winner is determined by who has the next highest card, this is the kicker.
Limp In: Calling before the flop.
Limit Game: When the table has limited the amount of bets and raises allowed.
Low Limit Game: When the table’s bets are restricted to low amounts.
Muck: Another word for folding.
No Limit Game: A game where you can bet however many of your chips you want.
Over the Top: see Re-raise.
Pot Limit: When the bets are limited to the amount there is in the pot.
Re-buy: Some tables will allow you to re-purchase chips after you’ve been knocked out of a tournament or game.
Re-raise: When a raised bet comes to you, and you raise it further.
Short Stacked: refers to a player with less money that the others.
Side Pot: when one player has run out of money, two players with money may start a side pot enabling them to keep betting.
Splash the Pot: When the chips are placed into the middle rather than kept in front of the player.
Split Pot: When players have the same hands the pot is split between them.
Straddle: An optional third blind, to the left of the big blind, which is twice the size of the big blind.

You will soon pick up all the lingo and realize that it’s not as weird or scary as you thought – I Promise. Good Luck and Enjoy!

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