Players Club: You Belong!

Players Club: You Belong!

A profitable strategy to encourage a customer to retain his/her patronage of the product or service is to offer some benefits. By giving them identification card loaded with such benefits will be of great importance to retain a customer or client. Las Vegas somehow knew this type of strategy. They created a players club where all the members have their on club card as identification that you are a member of the club.

The players club card is loaded with benefits. They are marketing this card to all the casino players not only to make this particular gambler to stay in the casino, but to offer the importance of this card. Of course, the benefits are offered for members only. That a member of the club has a chance to win some extra amount or maybe a discount from the products or services the casino is offering.

These cardholders may receive mails coming from the casino, stating that the cardholder wins, or could win. Not exactly winning money but a coupon to be raffled soon and the prize at stake is a big amount of money, also the coupon may be convertible to cash if you will just go to the casino. This is being given solely for cardholders only.

And who do you think will disregard a free offer? These stuffs are being given away for free. A free stuff loaded with a possibility that you might win some extra cash. Some casino players club even offer a free roundtrip ticket, or a bingo card. Speaking of bingo, it offers a very big prize. And you availed a free bingo card through this players card.

Another important benefits the casino club card offers is when you are in the casino, and you are not a member of the club, it means you are not belong. And the worst, you may come up with a “for club members only” sign to avail a particular products or services.

Lastly, this club or other organization will be of help on the time you need some supporting documents needed for some transactions, like for example, the club may issue a certificate proving that your are a responsible person, and also, if you are an officer in the club, this is an additional info in your profile.

So, what are you waiting for, joint the players club.

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