How to Find a Job in Thailand

Job sites like are becoming more popular as the job market gets tighter. The site allows users to search for jobs by title, company, location, and qualification. Using contact information, applicants can apply for positions that interest them. Companies can also post their own job offers on the site, managing the applications and keeping track of candidates. There are some important tips to use when searching for jobs on these sites. Read on to learn more.

Thailand: While the Covid-19 pandemic infects several sectors and leads to increased unemployment, the need for labour is still high. Retail, financial services, distribution, and food and beverage sectors still need labour. In fact, the latest jobsDB data showed that recruitment across five industries increased. The biggest increase in recruitment was in logistics and property development, up 23%, while insurance and wholesale and retail jobs saw a 5% increase. However, the country’s unemployment rate remains high at nearly 20%, and it’s unclear how long this will continue.

The job-seeker must notify the Central Employment Registrar if the job offer is not available within sixty days. If the jobseeker refuses to leave the country, the licensee must act accordingly. In such cases, the jobseeker must be given sufficient funds to cover their travel, lodging, meals, and other necessary expenses. If the jobseeker cannot travel to the new location within sixty days, the licensee is required to pay compensation from the Fund.

To avoid problems, applicants should have the necessary documents. Obtaining an overseas employment arrangement license is easier if the licensee is a member of the National Employment Agency. This licensee can apply for an extension if the jobseeker is working in a foreign country. If the job offer is valid, the jobseeker must remit the money to the Fund and comply with the Ministerial Regulations. After approval, the licensee should notify the registrar in writing so that the job search can proceed.

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The Labor Government should consider delaying the rollout of the mutual-obligation system. If หางานเชียงราย is introduced on July 1, recipients will receive more automated suspensions and punishments. Furthermore, the new system will affect child support payments. And recipients should keep in mind that their income will need to be reported if their job search is halted or ends. There are many other things to consider before accepting the new system. A job seeker should know their rights before signing up.