Forensic Science – The Many Sciences Applied To Crime Solving

Forensic Science – The Many Sciences Applied To Crime Solving

Shows about forensic science are at the top of thee television ratings, whether the science is assisting in unsolved mysteries, solving current cases, or merely a fictional representation on one of the many CSI spin-offs.

With the increased visibility of forensic science, it is no wonder that people are gaining more interest in the process as a career and as a subject of interest.

If you are considering a career in forensic science, there are many areas for you to settle on a niche. Not only is there the police detective work that is currently so in favor on the small screen, there are many other opportunities as well.

Forensic science also applies across a wide range of situations. Unlike on television, forensic scientists are highly specialized, and you might be surprised in the areas to which they apply the skill.

Handwriting and documentation experts are considered forensic scientists. The professionals examine pieces of documentation to determine who wrote them, as well as other paper evidence such as lottery tickets or the print styles of fax machines. Again, the potential for misinformation is vast- the forensic document examiners do not analyze personalities from handwriting samples.

Forensic botanists specialize in the plant life, including pollen, that is found at a scene and can give clues as to the time and location of the death. Likewise, forensic entomologists also help determine time and cause of death through their knowledge of insect and other small life that can be found at the scene.

Other areas of forensic science include experts in firearms or tools, forensic anthropologists, and forensic orthodontics.

All of these areas are highly specialized, and it is simply not possible for one person to have all of these areas within their realm of expertise. All take extensive training in their chosen fields, yet all work together to help solve crimes.

Above all, the person interested in forensic science should remember the context of prime-time television. Cases are never solved in the hour it takes the show to run or even the days that the show represents. Forensic science is a much slower paced, highly detailed process, and if you are considering the field it is important to keep that in mind.

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